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Your Hiring Advantage

What kind of team are we building together? 


Just a blueprint for now.

Design a thoughtful, inclusive people strategy.


Full build, from scratch.

Get a complete, custom hiring solution that covers your hiring process from A to Z.


Tidy remodel.

Enhance your existing hiring process and expand your talent pipelines.


Grow and expand.

Scale your existing hiring efforts and expand your workforce.

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With more services than a typical recruiting firm, we design hiring solutions around your needs, budget and growth stage.

Our Process

What to

Bring on the best without the
time-sucking stress.
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    1:1 Consult
    Discover custom solutions tailored to your exact needs.
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    Strategy Backed by Industry Benchmarks
    Secure an industry-leading strategy formulated from proprietary data.
  • An icon representing a full process
    Full Process Design & Implementation
    End-to-end support to turn strategic planning into action.
  • An icon representing a dashboard
    Dedicated Candidate Dashboard
    Track candidate pipelines, prep for interviews, and get pro guidance all in one place.
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    Custom Candidate Filtering
    Run a fair, inclusive hiring process plus save time, delegating phone and resume screening to the pros.
  • An icon representing support
    Dedicated Scheduling Support
    Minimize busywork and scheduling headaches with field-tested processes.
  • An icon representing agile recalibration
    Agile Recalibration 
    Something not working? We’ll make it right every step of the way.
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Our Reputation

Real Client Feedback

Because The Cape Agency took care of things, I was free to:


Drive growth within my business


Handle my day-to-day


Manage expectations with my boss


Be more thoughtful


Do the work that moves the needle


Manage expectations with new hires

Who We Help

Industries We Support

Growing Companies

Funded-Startup Founders

Venture Capital Investors

Independent Consultants

And executives across Human Resources, Marketing, Creative & Branding, Media Production, Sales Enablement, and many more.

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Our Services

Now You've Got The Power


Capabilities and staff planning for all teams and seasons–small, large, re-orgs, rapid growth, and everything in between.
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    Data-driven org and staffing plans to make confident, agile moves.
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    Planning tools to help make your case and win with stakeholders.
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    Employer brand insights that make your hiring process investment go further.
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    Marketing and communication strategies to get your jobs in front of more (and more qualified) candidates.

Process &

Labor law-compliant processes to help you identify, vet, and hire top-tier talent...whether managed in-house or handed off to us.
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    Fair, inclusive candidate sourcing processes you can run or hand off to us.
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    Compliance monitoring to avoid costly litigation.
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    Proactive talent recruitment to find the best-of-the-best...not just the best who apply.
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    A best-in-class candidate experience that turns candidates into brand advocates.
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    Hiring process admin support that restores valuable bandwidth to focus on your core business.

Post-Hire Growth & Retention

Custom programs to help keep your talent skilled, engaged, and growing into their potential.
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    Custom professional mentorship and growth plans that win long-term buy-in.
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    Data-driven re-org and restructuring plans to confidently lead your new normal.
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    Career leveling, re-skilling, and up-skilling support to unlock your team's potential.

Our Pricing

Starting Packages

We tailor our services to make the most of your budget and existing HR bandwidth.


We give you the foundation to run your own efficient and effective hiring processes.



We divvy up the pieces of a hiring process between your team and ours, giving you back valuable time.



We shoulder practically the entire hiring process for you and recruit passive candidates.


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